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Welcome to ESPE 2017/18

Hello from the ES Physical Education team. We are very excited to be joining CAC and look forward to a year of sport with all the children in the elementary school.

PE Program
Our Physical Education program at CAC is a standards based program, covering a wide range of sports. We follow the school's mission to learn, explore and have fun within every PE unit. The goal of the department is to provide opportunities for every child to take part in sport, to a level of competition that challenges them.  Within each unit pupils will work to develop their agility, balance and coordination, as well as challenging them to create movement patterns and dances, demonstrate tactical awareness in game situations and gain a good understanding of health and healthy living.

PE Timetable
All students in Kindergarten - Grade 5 (K-5) have PE twice a week, either in the pool, the gym or out on the field/court. They will have 1 x 60 minute class and 1 x 30 minute class each week. 
Our first units for K-5 students are Swimming for the 1 hour class and Gross Motor Skills (in the ES Hall) for the 30 minute class. These units run from August 16th until September 21st 2017. 

NB: This year we will start swimming from Day 1.

Days you have PE

Swimming (60 min)
PE lesson (30 min)
1C   2R   3H   5J
KGB   KGC   1M   5O
1S   3C   4D   5G
3W   4F   4M
KGB    KGC    4M
2K   2S   3D   5G   5K
2K   3W   4F   5K
KGS   1S   3H
KGS    1M   2S   3D   5O
1C   2R   3C   4D

PE uniform - Swimming

For swimming each child should have, in a separate swim bag:
  • An appropriate swimsuit (no string bikinis),
  • OWN pair of properly fitted goggled (not shared with siblings)
  • Suitably sized towel
  • Long hair tied back off the face or a swim cap (girls and boys)
  • No jewelry, including rubber and string bands and watches
  • Easy to take on and off clothes and shoes (crocs are ideal)

PE uniform - All lessons other than swimming

Pupils arrive to school wearing the following uniform. If you are new to the school any appropriate sporting attire will be acceptable, until you are able to purchase the PE uniform from the school store.

CAC Elementary PE uniforms (sold at the School Store) consist of :
  • monogrammed t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, 
  • monogrammed navy blue/black shorts or long pants,
  • monogrammed sweatshirt (in cold weather), 
  • athletic shoes and socks,
  • students may also wear their House or Kids’ Day shirts to PE.
All jewelry, including rubber and string bands or watches MUST be removed for all Swimming and PE classes (small stud earrings are okay). It is best that these items not be worn on PE days, to protect them from being lost or forgotten.

Sickness, injury or absence
  • If your child needs to be excused from PE for any reason please send a note directly to his/her PE teacher or email them prior to 7:30am the day they are to be excused.
  • A parent note is acceptable only for the first day of illness. Children who arrive without a note will participate in the lesson, whether in the pool, gym, or otherwise.
  • Parent notes cannot be accepted for 2 consecutive PE days of illness. If a child needs to be excused for more than one day, a doctor's note written in English (not a prescription) is required with the reason and dates to be excused.

We hope you have a great year and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Mr. Phil Greene -
Mr. Mark Mayfield -

ES PE Department

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