Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Unit Title: Jump Rope & Ball Skills - Sept. 24th – Nov. 2nd

  • 60 minute classes take place in the ES Gym (2nd floor of the Phys. Ed. Bldg)
  • 30 minute classes take place in the ES Hall

Description of Unit:

During the Jump Rope & Indoor Ball Skills Unit students will engage in a variety of indoor games and activities that teach and build on throwing and catching skills, striking skills, ball and object control, manipulation skills and rhythmic and coordination skills and jump rope routines using a variety of skipping skills.

Being prepared for PE Class:

New PE uniforms have been ordered and will be available for purchase in the near future. Information on where and when to purchase the uniform will be sent out to parents as soon as we receive them. Until then students can be prepared for PE by having the following:
  • Shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Athletic shoes and socks (No Crocs please).
  • Hair up in a ponytail where necessary.
  • Jewelry, including rubber and string bands, and watches MUST be removed for all PE classes (small stud earrings are okay). It is best that these items not be worn on PE days, to protect them from being lost or forgotten.
  • If your child needs to be excused from PE for any reason please send a note directly to his/her PE teacher or email them prior to 7:30am the day they are to be excused.
  • A parent note is acceptable only for the first day of illness. Children who arrive without a note will participate in the lesson, whether in the pool, gym, or otherwise.
  • Parent notes cannot be accepted for 2 consecutive PE days of illness. If a child needs to be excused for more than one day, a doctor's note written in English (not a prescription) is required with the reason and dates to be excused.

Cairo Challenge Series

CCS is here!

The first event is the 40m sprint, occurring next week. The first and second (if needed) rounds will be done by grade with top finishers in each heat progressing to subsequent rounds.

October 9 - Grade 2
October 10 - Grade 3
October 11 - Grade 4
October 12 - Grade 5
October 16 - Semi-finals for Grade 2-5
October 17 - Finals for Grade 2-5

If your child is planning on participating, please make sure they have proper footwear for their race day.

We hope that we have 100% participation! No sign up is necessary, students should just come to the track and we will be marking who is there at this time. On the day of your child’s races, please pack a lunch for them as there will be limited time to get hot lunch on these days. There will be an area for students to eat when they are not racing.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Philip Greene

Mark Mayfield

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